When opening Pizza Republic back in early 2009, I wanted to create a restaurant that also happens to make fresh delicious pizza and awesome pies. It was my chance to raise the bar with regard to using high quality ingredients, buying fresh produce and preparing our foods and sauces from scratch in our own kitchen. One of our specialty menu items is our famous Mac & Cheese. It’s not something you would typically find in a restaurant called Pizza Republic, but that didn’t stop me from creating over 17 different Mac & Cheese dishes which are all homemade and use the best Wisconsin Cheeses available. It’s been a HUGE SUCCESS in Hoboken, and the people of this great town gave us the nickname, “ THE MAC DADDY OF HOBOKEN” which we are proud to have earned.

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    Hours of Operation:

    Monday to Thursday 10:30am TO 10:45pm
    Friday and Saturday 10:30am TO 11:45pm
    Sunday 10:30am TO 10:45pm


    406 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ



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